Background Research By Using The Power Point Slides Provided Essay

Background Research By Using The Power Point Slides Provided Essay

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With background research by using the power point slides provided in Moodle. ourBridge is a non-profit program to help educate immigrant and refugee children. They serve over fifty children a day through 3 cycles. The goal of ourBridge was to help students reading, writing, and speaking. They will learn how to interact with other people from all over the world also. Throughout the day, there are activities going on like problem of the day, games, art, and snacks. I decided to become a volunteer for two sessions because one it was mandatory for my UCOL 1200-008 class. Another reason is because I did so much community service back home. For example, Waterlife Kids, which is a church for kids and I was a student leader for 2nd graders. I decided to continue my passion for volunteering with ourBridge. They both go hand to hand. This connects to the international community of Charlotte because of how many different parts of the world the students come from. You got students from Nepal, China, Chile, etc. By the way Charlotte is a city of diversity, so why not add on to it? I think that people from other countries should be welcomed anywhere especially the city of Charlotte. Charlotte is focused on serving the international community. There are probably so many organizations in this growing city internationals and Charlotteans be better citizens. My expectations and feelings going into this volunteering program was culturally shocking and a learning experience. I thought, “if I volunteering with ourBridge, it will feel just like home and my high school days all over again. I felt like it will be culturally shocking because I did not know anybody. I also felt like it will be overwhelming because all the students that will be there jumpin...

... middle of paper ... They found it very funny and exciting. They wanted me to still show them how to use it after ten minutes of showing them. I hope that the students will remember me and I will love to follow the students in the future to catch up with them. I feel like as time goes on, they will be better and even more effective programs to help international and refugee students. I found it very work consuming also because the teachers had to use their angry voices to calm the students at one point. Some students did not want to listen and I do not know how the teachers have so much patience for them, because I will have to step out a bit to get fresh air. I love kids a lot, but I could never be a teacher in my life. In the future I will love to start a program as a side job to educate students in need because I want to help the world in the best possible way before I pass away.

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