Background Of The Criminal And Crimes Essay

Background Of The Criminal And Crimes Essay

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Background of the criminal And Crimes:
John’s behavior all started to change when he was 7 after he moved from New Lots, Brooklyn to Little Italy, the Bronx. John is the youngest of seven and the only one with a different father. His older sister can relate to him since they both have the same parent. Their father always took them out like they were his own children. After moving to the Bronx, John went from being a B student to failing one. The work wasn 't hard, he was just afraid of the new environment he was surrounded by. He did not know anyone, so he started to hang around the wrong crowd. He found serenity with the friends he began to associate with; the other kids weren 't very accepting. He learned that among his peers, one of his friends weren 't doing well and was sent to another school that was closer for help. The school felt that more help was needed and the class they were in would not suffice. While John’s friends were in different schools they began excelling academically, but John was still struggling. The classwork wasn 't an issue, he just began to change. He stole crayons from school and began to take books. He knew it was wrong but he didn’t care. John did not get in trouble like he normally would for touching something that wasn 't his, he has done it at home as he started off with socks. After that, he then started to brag about how he got away with taking things that didn 't belong to him. Soon to find out, other kids were doing the same thing. They decided to make up a game of who can take the most stuff without getting caught.
Later on, the game led to bigger things being taken. Such as money and things from other kids book bag. Even one of the teacher’s bags was stolen at recess. He made it through e...

... middle of paper ... once a person is label as something it will sticks with them no matter what. This is a labeling theory and it also goes with learning theory. When someone is teacher something it stick with them weather they know it or not it is in there consider. My criminal committed the crime he did because he was labeled as a criminal and felt since he was labeled as one he might as well do it. Also he didn’t start off as being a bad kid. He learned this behavior from the kids he was around when he was younger and when he went to a different school he learned it from those kids too. Alone with being in this new environment he felt scared so he reacted in a deviant behavior. He also saw that the other kids was not getting in trouble for not listening to the rules so he felt it was okay to do it in this type of environment even when he learned what was consider right and wrong.

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