Background Information : The Place Isabella County Essay examples

Background Information : The Place Isabella County Essay examples

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Background Information:
The Place Isabella county is in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Isabella county is founded on February 11, 1859 the state legislature organized Isabella county. The place Isabella county located in E. Preston St. Mt. Pleasant, Michigan-48858. The county area 578 sq miles and 5 sq miles of water. It was the part of Indian’s winter hunting grounds called “Ojibiway Besse” the place of Chippewa. Indians have traveled 10,000 years. Europeans having the recent history, Indians almost past 200 years before Europeans returned to Central Michigan. This county is populated by Hispanic, Non-Hispanic white, African-American, American Indian, However, Non-Hispanic white are populated more compare to another race. Mount pleasant having nearly 33,000 people, the village of Mt. Pleasant was made by David Ward. He donated five acres of land for the county. Isabella county is an Central Michigan District Health Department which covers six Local Health Department (LHD) such as Arenac, Clare, Gladwin, Osceola, and Roscommon county. CMDHD was established in 1970 under by laws, six counties are under the authority of Michigan public health. According to CMDHD has a twelve-member board of Health including two commissioners from each county, which is Local governing entity for the CMDHD.
Economic status:
The county unemployment is 5.8%, the median household income is $39,991 as per the 2013 census, average cost of full-time child care-month is $505 and percentage of full-time minimum wage 35.8% as per 2015 census. The percentage of young children ages 0-5 in Michigan families where all parents work 68.9%.
According to 2013 census the current total population 70,436 segregated by children’s and adult population. Child popul...

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...y provide examination, testing, diagnosis and treatment.
Interview 2
Poverty is the major public health issue 2.1% compare to Michigan state rate 17.1%. The main occupation is an agriculture, fishing, mining and forestry. some people having small jobs at casino and CMU. Health behaviors are major risk factors for chronic diseases includes, smoking, alcohol and substance abuse, sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition. Proper intervention should be taken to reduce the risk of obesity by regular exercises, consuming healthy foods and attending health campaign in the community. Teen pregnancy rate is 49.5% and 8.3% low birth weight in rural. The average child and teen deaths ages 1-19 per 100,000 in 2004-2006 is 21.1%, 7.8% Low-birth weight babies and 7.6% Infant mortality rate per 1,000 live birth, to prevent this provide awareness about teen pregnancy and low-birth weight.

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