Essay on Background And Research Problem Of Teaching

Essay on Background And Research Problem Of Teaching

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I: Background and Research Problem

Teaching in the 21st century expects teachers to not only teach their subject matter, but also integrate technology in their classroom. Teachers must stay up to date with their content as well as adapt new digital and/or instructional tools for their classroom such as technology apps in order to support student learning according to (Pilgrim, Bledsoe, and Reily, 2012). Envision the following classroom situations: imagine walking into a classroom where a teacher uses a Prezi presentation regarding Spanish weather expressions, a brief animated video clip that displays using the weather expressions in major cities around the world as their backdrop, and an interactive class activity such as Jeopardy that engages the students, by responding to questions in connection to what they learned. Subsequently, you walk into another classroom the next class period, where the teacher takes attendance on-line, presents a lecture in history, has students take notes, engages a class discussion and/or debate, and a questionnaire for students to answer regarding what they learned. Both teachers integrated technology in their classroom yet at different levels. These scenarios are real-life examples of instructional practices being used in classrooms across the nation, but more importantly at my school site. We have teachers extremely comfortable implementing many technological resources to teach their content matter, to those who are uncomfortable with even the basics, and are resistant to learning more. Those teachers that are not embracing technology are terrorized at the thought of integrating technology in the classroom because they have limited knowledge or experiences with technology as well as oth...

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... to use both the hardware and software, time to plan, and time to collaborate with other teachers”.
Today’s generation loves technology and even though it is difficult to stay current with new innovations, Troy’s administration must not overlook teacher’s needs as they gain knowledge of new technology tools that will help enhance their instruction. They must understand and find ways to address the various barriers that exist among Troy’s staff with incorporating technology in the classroom such as a teacher’s beliefs or perspectives about technology, fears, anxiety, time, climate, time to plan, teaching practices, and lack of collaboration with colleagues. In addition, they have to provide and promote effective professional development training that will assist, motivate and support teachers with developing their technology skills, over a sustained period of time.

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