Background And Rationale Of Honey Bees Essay

Background And Rationale Of Honey Bees Essay

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Background and Rationale:
It is well known that Honey Bees are of much importance in today 's society. In fact this article hits the nail on the head in terms of their importance. The article mentions that animal pollinators are essential to our daily living, in terms of their reliance on production of fruits and other crops (Verlang-Springer 2010). Interestingly enough, the numbers which represent animal pollinators in comparison to other pollinators is lower: 35% vs. 65%(Verlang-Springer 2010), which would suggest that they are of less importance. However, that is most certainly not the case as previously mentioned, fruits and vegetables are of utmost importance for Human beings and their survival. The loss "of wild pollinators are of increasing concern", however, studies are shedding light on other notable events were: "honey bee colonies increased by 45% over the last five decades"(Verlang-Springer 2010). Thus the clear believe would be that Honey bees are not facing an extinction crisis. Consequently, that believe is wrong as those numbers are only represenative of certain countries (Portugal and Spain) . Making such increases and decreases of clear importance, and a rather a unique situation.
Furthermore, it 's clear that many factors have been shown in relation to the decline of Honey Bees; Many of which were observed in the 1990s(Verlang-Springer 2010), as the journal mentions. Honey Bees became of no relevance in the 1990s as many people gave up beekeeping due to economic reasons(Verlang-Springer 2010). Thus, insecurities came to exist in regards to Beekeeping and management, in relations to a further economic problems which people were not willing to take on at the same time. Moreover, more light was shed due on Honey B...

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...ning to Honey bees. It 's an interesting perspective because some of the believed causes are not so obvious for an average individual, and the more I 've learned about such issues, the more intriguing the topic has been. What I also liked was the clearly biased point of view from the start of the importance of Bee 's in general. It would seem these days that although people may avoid bees due to allergic reactions or phobias, they are still of utmost importance, which I completely agree with in regards to the article. As a student as well, what I find interesting is how such stories about threats to Bees never seem to be on most forms of media (Television if anything). At the end of the day, this article provides a great point of view on the threats bees face on the daily, and what impact their extinction would have on Humans, as well as how their extinction is possi

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