Essay Background And Heart For My Business Feasibility Study

Essay Background And Heart For My Business Feasibility Study

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This chapter will cover the background and heart for my business feasibility study. You will note as you read this chapter is covers not just a vision but the foundation covering the history and background of my future business and why I think this is worth looking into.
Setting, History, and Background of the Problem
There is a growing demand for outside assistance within the corporate world today. More and more companies are looking for consulting services to handle a multitude of issues. It is financially the way to go, why hire a full timer to do a part time job. The problem then arises how you would convince someone with the appropriate expertise to perform in a part time role. This has a simple solution, you will hire a consulting firm, and they work a multitude of businesses. This allows businesses to spread out the cost among different companies while maintaining a valued level of experience and expertise needed to do the job and perform at a higher level. Would it not make since to get the best value for your dollar? The overall goal is to provide a lasting impression and quality services in return for money. I would enjoy assisting not just our community but many others and help companies produce jobs, goods, and services in the most efficient and effective way possible.
A consulting firm is a group of experts (consultants) providing professional guidance, assistance, and instruction to an organization or particular person for a monetary gain.
The word skill can be defined as the ability to do something well; expertise it may also be defined as a particular ability. My skills are to include transportation management and logistics in these categories reversal, disposal and etcetera as well as instru...

... middle of paper ... amount of respect and love with what you do. It is the driving force behind producing quality work. We will push our employees to believe in this and be sure that our leaders are leading with servant leadership. We want our employees to be the sail of our flagship product or project. I want our employees to feel safe and secure.
This company will be not just a cornerstone in the business community but will be the heart and will be keeping the life blood of these companies pumping and developing.

Definition of Terms

Credit card terminal: A credit card terminal, also known as an payment terminal or EFTPOS terminal, is a type of a point of sale (POS) terminal that a merchant can use to perform transactions with a bank card. There are various types of credit card terminals available to merchants, although most have the same basic purpose and functions.

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