The Back to the Future Trilogy Essay

The Back to the Future Trilogy Essay

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The “Back to the future” trilogy is by far my favorite of all time; especially the first one, that movie alone is on my Mount Rushmore of movies. The trilogy is about a teenager who accidently travels back in time prevents his parents from getting married which then prevents him from being born, so now he has to figure out a way to get back to the future and get his parents back together. The entire trilogy is great; even thought it has its bad moments, but hey, what trilogy does not? The series is a clever and fun string of movies that leaves you with a good feeling after watching them. Now with that being said, when you make a movie about time travel there are bound to be some mistakes and “Back to the future” is no exception. I can go on for days about all the mistakes in this trilogy based off of the things I have noticed and the research I have done, but I am just going to write about the ones I feel are the most important. So I guess you can call this the “Not Top 10” of “Back to the future”
I am going to start off nice and easy before I get to the more brain scrambling stuff. In the first movie Marty (Michael J. Fox) travels back in time and accidently takes the place of his father the first time him and Marty’s mother were supposed to meet. This causes a snowball effect, which rolls to them not getting married and then ultimately Marty not being born. In the movie, Marty’s mom Lorraine has a crush on him which leads him to spend the rest of the movie trying to get her attention off of him and back to George. This would mean that they had to spend a lot of time together. And even towards the end there is a scene where George and Lorraine thank him, which would imply that he was an important person in their lives. Now wi...

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