Back in Time: The Devon Winter Carnival Essay

Back in Time: The Devon Winter Carnival Essay

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The crisp New Hampshire air chilled the private school students with its sickly cold fingers as it would rage by with a fury that would disappear as soon as it came. The grey skies which hovered above stole away the sun so that the warring world around them seemed all the more dismal and depressing. Despite the hanging feeling of dread the weather and World War seemed to influence, the boys themselves were almost giddy with the merry thoughts that plagued their juvenile minds. It was almost the end of the day which would give way to a freezing night where most people would prefer to sleep or stay indoors; however, that was not the case with these merry men of the winter session as they hastily prepared the scenery around them with the promise of prizes, the guarantee of games, and the silhouettes of snow statues.
As a boy with crutches chatted along with the boy beside him, a tall figure, known only as Brinker Hadley, was instructing some of his fellow peers on how to hide a keg of spiked cider beneath a nearby patch of shrubbery. LORD only knows what anyone was thinking when they allowed him to bring the intoxicating poison, yet not a single soul decided to question motives or ideas as each boy dreamed up their own plans as to what they would accomplish later that night. Knowing that someone might dash away with his treasure for their own nefarious schemes, Brinker had now approached his poor roommate with an unholy combination of threat and forced persuasion evident in his voice. “Brownie!” as Brinker barked at his roommate, Brownie Perkins flinched in fear of the slightly taller boy. Brownie slowly turned around to meet Brinker’s determined gaze, knowing that whatever would happened next would probably include him going out of...

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...ourse they want you! Give it to me, Brownie, I’ll read it aloud to this assembled host.” Even though he had promised the multitude to read the note aloud, his mouth stayed shut while his eyes searched over the parchment with obvious horror. Gene Forrester, the champion of the carnival, traveled through his sea of peers and snatched the telegram from Phineas. Not a protest sounded from Phineas as the horror from his eyes stayed focus on where the telegram had been previously. Gene prepared himself for whatever blunt news he was about to learn before his eyes also scanned over the words as well. There, as clear as day, was a telegram from their enlisted friend, Leper Lepellier:

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