The Bachelor Of Health Science Disability And Community Rehabilitation Major Offered At Flinders University

The Bachelor Of Health Science Disability And Community Rehabilitation Major Offered At Flinders University

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The bachelor of health science disability and community rehabilitation major offered at Flinders University endeavours to prepare students for a range of professions within the health care community development sector. This could be services such as welfare and community advocacy, human resource and administration management, policy advice, through to professions such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and midwifery (Flinders University, 2016). The preparation could be through the completion of the degree, the use of the degree as a recognised Flinders pathway or as a passage to further postgraduate studies (Flinders University, 2016). Personally I wish to transition into either a combined or a postgraduate master’s degree in occupational therapy and thus will focus the following of my assessment on this area.

An occupational therapist is a health professional who helps prevent or overcome a client’s ailment through the restoration of their personal occupations (WFOT, 2013). Within the occupational therapy context, occupations are the individual acts and behaviours of a person of which give purpose and pleasure to their lives (WFOT, 2016). This could be as simplistic as bathing oneself or gaining independent mobility. Occupational therapists, most commonly known by the OT acronym, aim to achieve this through the modification, instillation and application of devices or the activity itself. If a client who had sustained an eye disability had a priority to maintain their own hygiene. An OT would assess the client’s bathroom, possibly install speciality marked body wash bottles or railing and introduce said client to the modifications. Not only does this provide physical therapy to manage an infirmity it supports the...

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...nd effective service. A treatment which may succeed for one client or patient may be ineffective for another with the same ailment.
In some circumstances the scope of practice for an occupational therapist and a physiotherapist may overlap. As for example an occupational therapist may suggest a hand putty and accompanying exercises for a client with arthritis, where physiotherapists traditionally work with physical therapy (Farnworth & Allen, 2012). A physiotherapist may also propose the use of a walking frame with a leg mobility client, while it is common for an occupational therapist to recommend aids (Australian Physiotherapy Association, 2016).As a result of this when working in a close interdisciplinary team occupational therapists and physiotherapists must use very effective communication in order to respect each professions scopes and professional boundaries.

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