The Baby's Right to Live Essay

The Baby's Right to Live Essay

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Abortion is wrong, where are the baby’s rights? Some would say, abort the baby, you have been raped. Why not have the baby and give it up for adoption? Ever since the early 1970’s, unwed women were pregnant, and regardless their circumstances, they would have the baby, or raise it. In my opinion, abortion is not the answer; the baby should have the right to live by giving it up for adoption.
The history of this topic has been controversial, since 1968. There have been decisions made to allow ruling of abortion though it has also been reversed by the U.S Supreme Court. The act of abortion has been done legally and illegally for more than twenty (20) years. Abortion applies a lot of stress upon a woman involving both the mind and body. A woman who experiences such a decision must worry about the pros and cons and safety for her unborn child. Even though abortion was established in 1968, it was then legalized in 1973. About 13% of all abortions performed are for reasons relating to the health of the fetus. About sixteen thousand women have abortions each year because they b...

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