Baby Walkers: A Helpful Tool? Essay

Baby Walkers: A Helpful Tool? Essay

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Each year, 21,300 infants visit hospital emergency room to treated injuries linked with baby walkers for children that are under fifteen months of age. Out of that 21,300 emergency room visits, two children die from the use baby walkers every year. Many people don’t realize how harmful a baby walker is to a child. Parents think it is an excellent tool that will benefit both them and their child. To them, baby walkers are a product that can be bought in the store, thinking it will entertain their child and help him/her learn how to walk faster. Oh boy, are they wrong. Baby walkers do not help a child learn how to walker faster. Baby walkers are not superb tools for any child to use. According to Dr. Baum, a local Pediatrician on Maui, “baby walkers are the number one thing Pediatricians hate.” Therefore, baby walkers should be banned in the United States because it slows down motor skills development, it is very dangerous to use, and parents end up spending less time interacting with their child.
What is a baby walker? A baby walker is a device that helps babies to walk. It has wheels and an enclosed frame for the baby to go into and be secured in. Some walkers have toys on its frame to make the walker look more appealing and to attract the attention of the child. Walkers also come in different colors and themes such as “Winnie the Pooh” and “Disney Princess”. The typical age range for using a walker is four to eighteen months (Gordon 253). More than 20,000 baby walkers are purchased every year. None of the parents who buy a baby walker realize the dangers of using one. They just end up buying the walker, thinking it will benefit them and their child.
Why should baby walkers be banned in the United States? As mentione...

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... future for a child. Before buying or using a baby walker, think about what it does to an innocent child.

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