Baby Milk : The Breast Versus Bottle Feud Essay examples

Baby Milk : The Breast Versus Bottle Feud Essay examples

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Got baby milk? : The breast versus bottle feud
Innovations continuously push the boundaries in order to better fulfill basic human “necessities”, and yet as technology progresses and the world evolves, some traditional practices remain. These practices have not only withstood the test of time but have also become cultural adaptations. When a tradition or a norm is adopted, contrasting innovations threaten their existence, therefore causing a feud to emerge. A noteworthy feud, dating back centuries, is the bottle versus breast debacle namely because there is no more a touchy subject than that of an infant’s well-being. Those who favor breastfeeding namely do so because it is a natural feeding source which allows for a more intimate connection to the child and the transfer of antibodies from the mother to the child. However, breast feeding does pose complications and it may even be a painful experience for the mother; at such point, bottle feeding then becomes the primary source of nutrition for the infant. For the purpose of this paper, bottle feeding will be the favored topic because it does not cause bodily harm to the mother which normally occurs as the child begins to teethe, prevents the spread of infectious diseases from the mother (the host) to her child (the receiver), and is easily accessible and available to all mothers whereas some women are incapable of breastfeeding.
This feud has withstood the test of time because of the population involved: women, specifically expecting mothers. There is no greater fear, for an expecting mother, than being responsible for causing bodily harm to their newborn. It is no surprise that how-to pregnancy books still dominate the market. Two articles will compose the central focus of this...

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...hould feel remorse or guilt upon deciding to bottle feed their child because breastfeeding is not an obligation nor a duty but rather a personal choice which simply coincides with the lifestyle and physical capabilities of that particular mother.

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