Baby Mafia: Human Trafficking Essay

Baby Mafia: Human Trafficking Essay

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Baby Mafia
Trafficking is an issue that has been plaguing the world for centuries. Trafficking is when a type of product is being sold or traded illegally. There are many different divisions such as drug trafficking and weapons dealing. However, one of the more disturbing forms of trafficking is human trafficking, the act of selling a person as if they were a commodity. Crime experts predict that human trafficking will exceed the profitability of both arms trafficking and drug trafficking (Wheaton, Schauer, and Galli 114). This enterprise can traffic either gender, male or female. It can take people of any race and of any age. It is distressing to think that this horrid practice can even victimize young infants.
Human trafficking is one of the oldest divisions of trafficking. It is not only an illegal, but also a very immoral practice. Human trafficking might be a large industry, but, in contrast to what most believe, according to Feingold, in regions like Southeast Asia, trafficking is not a very organized type of crime. It is usually comprised of individuals and small groups that meet in unplanned, informal circumstances (28). The main purpose of trafficking is to obtain and sell individuals which then traffickers force into situations where their labor is exploited and their working conditions abuse human rights (Salt 34). Human trafficking has been growing into an epidemic over the years. Laczko writes that it has become a major concern for several governments and organizations such as human rights, social services, health, and law enforcement. According to Feingold, a great deal of trafficking incidences starts as illegal immigration gone horribly awry (28). The reasons a victim is bought while being trafficked can vary.

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