Essay about The Baby Is A Citizen Of The United States

Essay about The Baby Is A Citizen Of The United States

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Did you know that 7.5% of childbirths in the United States each year are to illegal immigrants? That is a total of 300,000 babies each year(5). These babies are often referred to as “anchor babies”. In the year of 2013 alone over 70,000 parents to these babies were caught and deported back to their legal country(5). Due to the 14 amendment a baby being born in the U.S. whether their parent is a U.S. citizen or not that baby is a citizen of the United States. This is a huge conversation that is talked about to this day mainly by presidential candidate, Donald Trump(5).
Donald Trump’s statements on so called anchor babies is a widely talked about conversation sense is one of the main presidential candidates. He strongly believes that the babies should not be considered legal citizens to our country. He believes this because the parents of the baby are illegal immigrants breaking the law. On the other hand due to the 14 amendment they are the baby is consider to be a legal citizen. The constitution states that the child has to be born in the country to be considered a citizen no matter whether the parents are here legally. Trump, if he wins the presidential race, is wanting to make a change to this. He claims that he wants to take back our country and make it the way it 's should be.
Another person who’s a presidential candidate that also is commonly talked about with anchor babies is Jeb Bush(5). He states the main reasons for the reason immigrants travel to the U.S. to have their baby. The biggest and obvious reason is for the baby to become a citizen of the U.S. Another major reason that the immigrants do this is to get their children a better education. The baby being a citizen gets a better yet free education due to tax payer...

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...the many, but these are the three most debated about and most heard about even though the last reason is not talked about as much as the others are used in conversation. The 14th amendment is the main reason that these kids are allowed to stay in the country and the reason that they probably will always be allowed to stay in the country.
This topics I widely talked about and one of the most debated conversation. Many people have their different views and opinions for many different reason. The main thing is, will something change? I personally believe something should be done while there is many reasons something should not and possibly will not be done. Although with the presidential election coming up now would be a time to see a talked about change when the new president gets moved to office. It’s now time to wait and see if a change will eventually take place.

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