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Baby DJ School: Music Program for Toddlers Essays

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The word “DJ” stands for disc jockey, “a person who uses samples of recorded music to make music”. The educational experience of Baby DJ School is a portal into the wonderful worlds of electro, hip-hop, and house music. Baby DJ school is originated in Brooklyn, New York and opened by Natalie Elizabeth Weiss, DJ, composer and playwright to “attribute gross and fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, and language skills and foster a special bond between caretaker and baby.” The school provides an interactive music program for toddlers and teach them how to make their own beats via using their own creativity. Baby DJ School familiarizes infants with musical patterns, improves their language skills via interacting with other babies and supervisors and introduces young minds to music and digital software during their golden ages of discovery. Attending Baby DJ School enhances to a baby’s basic rhythmic and communication skills due to the fact that listening music during infancy improves brain development. Baby DJ School is the best school to aid infant’s in their development into adults. Improving kids’ motor skills at a younger age improving their brain development can shape their character and perspective of life in a healthier way via the magic of music. Growing a healthier brain will help the person in every stage of his or her life and can help to add many positive qualities. The idea of implementing musical training to younger ages will help to produce healthier minds for future societies.

According to the journal of neuroscience “music training is an intense, multistory, and motor experience and offers an ideal opportunity to study structural brain plasticity in the developing brain in correlation with behavioral changes induced...

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...some point of their artistic career. It sounds not difficult to make electronic music but you have to somewhat of an expert of using the software and enchanting them via your creativity. Based off the book Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell, it takes 10,000 hours of doing an activity in order to become an expert of a profession. The Baby School’s student already start to game 1-0 because of their early training. Starting to learn about music at such a young age with infants will create countless professionals in the music industry, and also lifelong artists after Baby DJ School exposure. This school may lead its students to be some of the greatest DJs of all time just because they are going to be more comfortable with the software and editing equipment. This training is great and can help create, successful DJs and producers like Deadmasu5, Kanye West, and Benny Benassi.

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