Baby Boomer´s Impact in the Healthcare Industry Essay

Baby Boomer´s Impact in the Healthcare Industry Essay

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Many babies were born between 1946 and 1964; which is why this era is called the “Baby Boomers”. Research in this paper will show the impact they have and will have on the healthcare system in the U.S., statistics in this generation on medical and population. This paper will prove that the “baby boom” from 1946-1964 will have a large impact on the healthcare system.
When World War II ended there was a surge in the U.S. baby population, which is rightly called the “Baby Boom”. This “baby boom” goes from 1946 to 1964 (the post WWII in 1946 to 1964). By the end of the “baby boom”; those labeled “baby Boomers” made up 40% of the population in the U.S.! ( Analysts are concerned about this aging population and the obsticles it will bring to the healthcare system in the U.S.; there will be good and bad obstitcales. This boom is likely due to those who waited to have kids due to the Great Depression and WWII. Many women in the 1940s (8%) decided to wait to have kids; unlike in the 1930s 15% of women decided to wait. Our grandparents looked forward to having kids after the war. They felt that the future of our parents was going to be good. In some ways it is true: large corporations grew larger which allowed them to become more profitable, those working under unions saw an increase in wages and benefits; in turn made buying items like TVs more affordable and plentiful. Many of the “baby boomer” families moved to the suburbs into houses instead of renting apartments. This was due to the government G.I. Bill for soliders and getting them mortgages to buy a home with low interest rates.
As the “boomers” boomed (grew-up) they became actively involved in activist and demonstration groups against those less fortunate ( gays, black...

... middle of paper ...

... complications from Scleroderma. And my dad will be 69 years old this year. He was just at the beginning of the “boom”. He is healthy and doing well. I learned a lot from writing this paper and finding the information to write it. The statistics were astounding. The following are statistics that I found from the CNN Library (11/06/2013):
These are as of 2008
77.3 million Baby Boomers
1946-post WWII
3,411,000 babies born in the US
1954-post Korean War
4,078,000 babies born in the US
1957-the year the boom peaked
4,300,000 babies born in the US
1964-the end of an era
4,027,000 babies born in the US.
January 1,1996
The first of the baby boomers turn 50
January 1, 2011
The first of the boomers turn 65. 2/3 of seniors 65 and over and 60% of those 50-64 have atleast 1 chronic disesase.
Divorce rate peaks 39%
December 31, 2029
Last of the boomers turn 65 years old

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