Baby : A Very Content Baby Essay

Baby : A Very Content Baby Essay

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Brianna came home as a very content baby. She was not colicky, but instead easygoing, laidback, and relaxed. The newborn was held often by her mother and father. When her parents were at work, Brianna’s babysitter, Norma, watched her at the house. Angie breast fed for the first three weeks of motherhood, however, she was no longer able to produce milk after one month.
This was due to the sudden death of Brian’s dad. His loss took a toll on the new parents. Dewey (2001) suggested that, “acute physical and mental stress can impair the milk ejection reflex by reducing the release of oxytocin during a feed” (p. 1). For the mother, self-induced breastfeeding became unavailable. Due to this complication, Angie decided to put Brianna on a formula until she was ten months old.
Despite the adjustment to the baby’s feeding routines, Brianna’s development came along naturally. At one month of age, the newborn was holding her head up, smiling, and babbling. During her second month of life, Brianna was able to support her own weight with her legs and took interest in eating baby food. A month later, the baby tried rolling over and ate solid foods such as bananas. In addition, Brianna enjoyed listening to kid songs on TV and swimming. By the fourth month, she started lifting her belly off the ground, grabbing and holding on to objects, and started to attempt sitting. Following her happy personality, Brianna was laughing even more, however, she wouldn’t smile for strangers.
As a five month old, the baby was capable of sitting, could get into a crawling position, and was able to pull herself up using the couch. This continued motor function was enhanced at 6 months old. Brianna could crawl well and cruised along the furniture. By this time, s...

... middle of paper ... she would show signs of anxiousness around strangers, she established a sense of dependence on those primary figures.
At this point in her life, Urie Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Model would describe Brianna’s life in microsystems. These include immediate settings in where children are nurtured and learn. Brianna had a few of these systems developed; for example, her home and family members.
Piaget’s Cognitive Development involves that of understanding the world through actions. Brianna is undergoing the Sensorimotor substages 1-4. Here, the infant would experience the development of her innate reflexes, repetitive pleasurable behaviors, deliberate actions to complete tasks, and the accomplishment of object permanence. Some of these instances are displayed throughout Brianna’s infancy in her specific interests, physical abilities, and interactions with Kameron.

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