B. F. Skinner's Philosophy of Operant Conditioning Theory Essay

B. F. Skinner's Philosophy of Operant Conditioning Theory Essay

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I think that B.F. Skinner shares my philosophy in the behavioral aspects of education. There are many points that have expanded my philosophy. One was the operant conditioning theory, which is when the behavior is changed through positive and negative consequences depending on one’s behavior. Positive Reinforcements can be anything from food and candy to a toy or sticker. Negative reinforcement could be a timeout, scolding, or maybe a spanking. It all depends on their behavior. One thing that surprised me was when Skinner said, “punishment is generally ineffective in controlling undesirable behavior.” I thought that was always the best route to go. Skinner also states that it is better to just ignore the bad behavior until it stops. That to me doesn’t sound like the best idea considering that the child wont know that is not how they are supposed to act and if you don’t let them know then they wont stop. I guess that people didn’t believe that it could work so he put it to the test. He tried it on his daughter and though it took some time he finally found that there are better ways ...

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