Aztec Sacrifices, Rituals, And Religion Essay

Aztec Sacrifices, Rituals, And Religion Essay

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Aztec Sacrifices, Rituals, and Religion

The Aztec empire is one of the most fascinating empires to be established. They as a society learned not only to live but to thrive in a place that would be deemed uninhabitable today. This society lasted about 4 centuries before its demise. Although the greatness of this community in itself is profound, I’ve chosen to take a more sinister route and talk about the traditions of sacrifice and the meaning behind it all. In this paper, I intend to refute the idea that Aztec society was uncivilized because of the aspects of their traditional and cultural practices.
Although the Aztecs were not the first nor the last to practice human sacrifices they have become the most sensationalized case in history. Part of this fact is because it is hard to understand how such an advanced and sophisticated community could participate in what is considered mass murder. In order to better understand how this came to be, a back history is needed.
The Aztec people had developed their own language, Nahuatl, and lived in the lower basin of Mexico during the 13th century. The Aztecs have many different and even contrasting stories about their creation, but one thing that remained the same throughout each creation story is that the Aztecs had a debtor relationship with the Gods. The Gods created the people and the sun that sustains their life and in return the Aztecs performed sacrifices for them. They had three main group of Gods: Gods of celestial activity and divine placement, Gods of rain, moisture, and agricultural fertility and finally Gods of war, sacrifice and blood nourishment of the sun and earth. These Gods were responsible for controlling different elements within the natural world. Different Gods req...

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...ial system function today. Although punishments tended to be more severe they had the right idea as to how trials should work. Aside from the noble class and their many responsibilities there were the commoners, and the slaves. The slaves usually were from other captured states or people who committed crimes or owe debts. Although commoners were required to pay tribute to the nobles they still had much control over their own futures and destinies. The nobles and the commoners mostly grew up with access to the same materials. The boys grew up following in the footsteps of their fathers and girls learned from their mothers.
The Aztecs were no stranger to gender assigned norms. The men typically married in their early twenties were as women were married as early as 12. The men worked outside of the house as warriors or laborers, while the house was the women’s domain.

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