Aztec Air : A International Airport ( Fll ) Based Carrier 's Hub Essay

Aztec Air : A International Airport ( Fll ) Based Carrier 's Hub Essay

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Say goodbye to fancy first class airlines that for the past decade have charge outrageous amounts of money, and made it impossible for air travelers to travel. Their stylish amenities sometimes referred to as lifestyle brands, have aimed to attract the business traveler, and other people who value traveling as a symbol of their status. This is why low-cost carriers (LCCs) such as Aztec Air have created and revolutionized the way vacation travelers, and normal citizens travel to popular destinations. Creating an airline such as Aztec Air depends on many variables but the main focus is to provide each passenger a good fare, and service while at the same provide confidence, and safety is one of the main priorities for Aztec Air.
The Fort Lauderdale- Hollywood International Airport (FLL) based carrier’s hub is one of the fastest growing airports in the United States, because of its warm climate and perfect weather conditions for most parts of the year. FLL, location is located in the south part region of Florida and will serve ideally perfect for Aztec Air as most of its destinations will be Mexico and South America. Departing from this convenient hub will create a short-haul network because all destinations served by Aztec Air will usually take around three to five hours to reach their arrival city. Creating a point to point network means that departures will originate from any departing city, and will arrive at Aztec Air hub allowing each passenger to only make on single connection. One of the advantages of having a point to point network is “No interdependency of flights and hubs- a delay flight or a closed airport will not significantly affect other flight schedules. There is no single point of failure, and delays are unlikel...

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...e for these two types of groups as they look for cheaper fares, and the ability to fly more since traveling has become competitive. By creating an airline that is cost affective, and provides safety with state of the art aircraft Aztec Air will show profitability every single quarter.
Low-Cost Carriers such as Aztec Air make a profit by slashing air prices, and having ancillary fees when passengers travel. In addition having a good fleet of aircraft with reputable service and good safety record over time makes an airline successful. With a reliable hub easy access to prime destinations along Mexico and South America which normally take four to five hours Aztec Air wants every travel the ability to travel. The main goal for this airline is to compete with all the legacy carriers by attracting customers offering low fares, and making money by creating ancillary fees.

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