Ayurveda: Lifestyle Choices that Lead to a Better Way of Life Essay

Ayurveda: Lifestyle Choices that Lead to a Better Way of Life Essay

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Ayurveda is a Lifestyle system that encompasses the wellness of mind, body, and spirit in its attempts to achieve this wellness the vitalization well extends into every cell in your body. Therefore, it has an effect on every aspect of your life. For over five thousand years the knowledge from teacher to student, and the wisdom of the natural life styles revealed in Ayurvedic medicine, are understood once an individual embraces a life closer to nature through holistic health choices designed to support them from birth to death. Ayurveda aims to maximize your life potential by setting intentions of care for you through proper mind, body, spirit, and even environment.
Ayurvedic is not the practice of treating symptoms, disorders, dysfunctions, disease or illness, unlike modern western medicine that treats the sick, injured or generally damaged person with a mouthful of pills. In other words, this type of treatment is often a hit or miss method when generally the results are far from desired outcomes.
The focus of Ayurvedic is to achieve wellness long before symptoms have appeared and before something goes wrong.
Granted, Ayurvedic does treat a collection of medical, mental, prenatal, pediatric, surgical, and geriatric conditions just to name a few, but the real beauty in Ayurvedic is that it starts long before an illness occurs. This is achieved by embracing a lifestyle of choices to maintain and create a complete functional individual before invasive procedures such as surgery. Proper dietary needs and physical activities combined with mental disciplines such as meditation create a balanced thriving person.

Mentioning Life force energy here might be important at this time due to the fact that Life force en...

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...actitioner can focus on the task at hand the deeper healing that will occur s allowing a full experience of the subtle effects of Ayurvedic massage.

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