Essay on The Awareness Of Information Literacy

Essay on The Awareness Of Information Literacy

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The main objective of this paper is to bring about the awareness of Information Literacy by highlighting its need and how important it is for lifelong learning. The information is this paper was gathered from the EbscoHost database, Google Books, and articles from the internet. The researcher discovered that many students lacked the knowledge of information literacy, and they were also unable to turn in good research papers. In addition, people outside the school system would not able to advance in their career because they didn’t know how to evaluate sources outside the school system. Students will not be equipped to keep abreast with new knowledge when they are not information literate. It is recommended that information literacy become a part of every school curriculum, so individuals can become self-directed lifelong learners.
Keywords: information literacy, self-efficacy, lifelong learning

Information literacy is not a term that is known by everyone, but it is a skill that would be beneficial to every individual. Most people are aware of the term literacy because from a very tender age parents and the government alike stress the need for children to attend school so they will gain the ability to read and write. This is the closest that many have gone, and some will even go as far to know the term computer literate because employers stress the need for it when hiring. On the other hand, information literacy forms the foundation that enables an individual to get the most out of learning by making use of different resources. Information literacy is the group of skills that equips individuals with the ability to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively use the information that they n...

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...tus. Knowledge helps people to get better jobs which have a lasting effect at the community level. This is the key to unlocking wealth while decreasing poverty. Moreover, information literate individuals are able to produce materials that will help others to learn. For example, the materials that are available in this generation were prepared by the previous generation and others who were motivated by hard work. Finally, information literacy is for self-preservation because it sustains individuals with enough knowledge to survive any condition. Information literate people will always be able to do new things that will maintain security, availability of food, and health. These skills enhance the life of everyone who knows how to apply it effectively, and it will positively affect the trajectory of every generation by helping them to discovery new ways of doing things.

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