Awareness of Climate Change Essay

Awareness of Climate Change Essay

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During his inaugural speech, President Obama stressed taking action on climate change warning that “the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations.” In recent years, climate change has come into focus as a large issue. I believe that the environment stands as a large challenge to today’s society, because of the how much the world has changed over the years. Never before has humanity been faced with a challenge to save earth resulting from consequences of human actions. The environment encompasses multiple concerns including, climate change, renewable energy, and pollution. Currently, I find climate change, renewable energy, and pollution to be the most vital challenges to solve through global communication and awareness.

Climate change is a serious problem and the effects can clearly be seen through new and extreme weather. I think that many people have under estimated climate change, because they automatically associate it with global warming and do not believe that it is real. However, it is a huge and growing concern. Climate change is an accepted scientific consensus proven by a large amount of data. The first step to impacting climate change is to change this mistaken view. By stressing the amount of evidence showing that climate exists, the need to work to reduce it will become apparent. Then, actions can be made to slow climate change. Climate change is largely influenced by human activities and the production of greenhouse gases. By reducing the world’s carbon foot print, the effects of global warming will become less extreme. Currently, global warming is melting the polar ice caps, causing a threat to humans leaving in tropical and coastal islands. However, these effects can become e...

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...ion on pollution and easy ways to help can make a huge impact on reducing pollution.

Environmental problems may seem as a concern that is beyond the reach of the masses. But, people can affect the environment through their own personal lifestyle choices. By furthering the awareness of environmental problems, humanity will be able to begin to overcome the challenges of climate change, finding renewable energy, and pollution. The populous needs to understand that combating these issues is within their reach and they can positively benefit the environment through simple actions. Most importantly, the world needs to work together to reach these outlined goals. Saving the Earth is a global concern and should be treated as one. Hopefully, humanity will realize the importance of environmental issues and find a way to make the world a better place in the future.

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