Awareness And Work Towards Eliminating Prejudice Against People With Disabilities

Awareness And Work Towards Eliminating Prejudice Against People With Disabilities

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The purpose of this project is to provide awareness and work towards eliminating prejudice against people with disabilities. The scenario that I chose for this course project is, “You want to work with a group in your community to fight against a particular type of prejudice.” Prejudice can be defined as an action that results in harm/injury or an opinion. I decided to work with a group that is willing to fight against prejudice that causes harm towards people with disabilities. Over the years, disabled people have endured several types of prejudice acts. Overall, it seems that disabled people are very much looked over. Although there are many public and private companies that have accommodated the disabled, there are also several companies that hasn 't.
The scenario for this assignment, stars a disabled man name Greg. Greg has to use a wheelchair to maneuver due to Gullain- Barre Syndrome. One day, his friend Amy asked him to meet her at a new local coffee shop for lunch. Greg and Amy arrived at the coffee shop and noticed that there is a non handicap vehicle parked in a handicap spot and there are only stairs available for use. There isn 't a ramp nor elevator available for people with disabilities to use. The nearest open parking spot was approximately 300 feet away from the front entrance and had no space available for Greg to prepare his wheelchair for use. Greg was very angry and felt embarrassed because he couldn 't join his friend for lunch due to these issues. Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA), states that “every public or private company must provide accessibility for people in wheelchairs” ("ADA Guide For Small Businesses, Text Version"). Although this act has been around for the last two decades, several ...

... middle of paper ... awareness about the lack of companies abiding by the Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA) will help the disabled community. The disabled will no longer have to walk long distances because of non-disabled people taking handicap parking spots. Furthermore, private and public companies will have wheelchair accessibility entrances. The disabled community will no longer feel isolated or embarrassed because of their current conditions. Each person should be able to dine or attend any place without having issues entering them.
The sources that I chose are credible because they are all from either a government or educational website that includes accurate information. These sources are not based upon someone 's opinion, but provides factual information. Based upon how credible my sources are, the reader will be more likely to trust the information provided.

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