Awarding Participation Trophies For Children Essay

Awarding Participation Trophies For Children Essay

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Determining whether to award participation trophies or not is a controversial issue in America today. Surprisingly, most people are in favor of not awarding participation trophies to children because of the negative outcomes. A solution that is suggested to solving the problem is to ensure both the winning and losing team a trophy. Conversely, when both teams receive a trophy this defeats the purpose of even playing the game. Children are smart enough to know if they won or lost a game, and by letting each team receive a trophy it creates confusion for children. If a child is rewarded with a plaque after a loss, this could cause confusion for a child because he or she might not understand the purpose of the plaque. Several children understand that while competing there is only one true winner, and by giving both teams awards this creates a false sense of how sports actually maneuver. As children grow old enough to play for their school’s team, they will quickly learn that only teams who win are awarded trophies. Teaching children how a sport operates at a young age could help children comprehend sports better and sooner. Children should not be given participation trophies because the winning effort should be awarded, each sport is a competition, and children deserve proper feedback.
Opponents argue that participation trophies are fair solution in youth sports. However, if both teams received a trophy it would not be fair to the winning team. The team that wins is the team that put forth the proper effort in preparing for the game. Children need to learn that they cannot win everything in life, it is impossible to always win. But at the same time, children also need to learn that it is okay to lose at times. Losing is a great too...

... middle of paper ... far. Talent is a beneficial trait to have but hard work is better and more effective.
Ultimately, children need to learn what it takes in order to truly be awarded a trophy. Awards are not to just be handed out to each person who participates, but to the ones who have accomplished a victory. Every person loses at times and it is normal, but by teaching children what losing is, it could help them further in life. Little league is meant for children to learn how to play a sport and to have fun, but that does not mean that trophies need to be handed out for participation. Anything worth having in life comes with hard work and educating children of this at a young age will benefit them. A child does not deserve a participation trophy because it does not allow proper effort to be shown, each sport is played to win, and because a child deserves constructive criticism.

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