Essay on The Awakening, Death Of Salesmen, And A Doll 's House

Essay on The Awakening, Death Of Salesmen, And A Doll 's House

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This semester we read three stories. We read The Awakening, Death of Salesmen, and A Doll’s House. In each story we saw a conflict of marriage, and ones happiness in life, and how to find it. These three stories showed a world from a different time, and how just walking away from marriage was wrong. Each story had had a different way with dealing with the issue, and some were better than others, but ultimately we read how these characters overcame a challenge.
In the story, A Doll’s House, we see a married women become independent. All throughout the story Torvalds, her husband, pampers her and talks down on here like she is nothing. Torvalds never calls her by her real name unless he is made, or upset with here. As the play progress we start to see a change in Nora attitude; that Nora just isn’t some uneducated girl that Torvalds has made her out to be. Nora is very educated about the world around her. She understands what the consequences were for taking a loan out, and forging it, she also understands that she can’t leave him because of how bad it would look on her. For years she has been paying this loan back without her husband knowing because he knew that he would disapprove, and he would almost disown her because she kept it a secret. One night a letter came in the mail; it explains the loan and the forgery. Instead of trying to understand why she did it he threatens then immediately begins to think of a way to cover up the shame that she has put the family through. Soon after that another letter comes in explaining how Torvalds needs to reevaluate himself because Nora is thinking about killing herself instead of walking out. After seeing the true side to her husband she is no longer scared of the world and to walk out .Sh...

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...other two women are but Linda does whatever she can to pull through it and keep it together. While in the other two stories it’s the wife who are unhappy with their life and the husband are trying to patch up their relationship. In death of a salesman, it’s Linda who is the strong one, and Willy is the weak one. The other two stories the women wanted to kill themselves, but in the salesman we see it’s the man who is actually trying to kill himself.
All three of these stories have a meaning to life. If aren’t happy with what you’re doing then do what you can to make it better. We also see in this story, a world from a different time ,how just walking away from marriage was just the ultimate wrong doing ,even if it is for the good; but ultimately we see three characters fighting for their life and just a chance at happiness, and isn’t that what everyone wants in life.

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