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The Awakened One

The representation of this particular piece of art seems to be accurate. The work of Siddhartha 's mind had a battle with Mara, who represented the passions that delude us. Mara saw Siddhartha getting close to success and tried to distract Siddhartha with beautiful women when this did not work Mara brought his armies to attack Siddhartha, who sat still and untouched. During meditation, Siddhartha’s mind was perfectly still and quiet. Siddhartha then became enlightened and became the Buddha. This artwork portrays the Buddha in a divine status in front of a Bodhi tree of when he sought and achieved enlightenment even when being attacked. His eyes are closed and his lips are slightly curved into a subtle smile. He does not appear to be affected by his surroundings at all. There is a urna on his forehead that symbolizes his special wisdom. Additionally, there is an ushnisha on top of the Buddha’s head representing his superior knowledge. This artwork gives off a positive message. It encourages an atmosphere of well-being and calmness, and may provide inspiration to deepen and practice our own inner peace. Siddhartha was so determined to sit in mediation until he found an answer to suffering the he was willing to die in the attempt. The Buddha himself was impressive and inspirational. One might think the message is negative because there is a swastika on the Buddha’s chest. The swastika, even though greatly associated with World War II it is actually a symbol good fortune and well-being.
The art itself is incredible, and represents the story beautifully. Looking at this artwork it is clear what is happening. This artwork does not “challenge” my “non-religious beliefs” simply because it does not bother me that people ...

... middle of paper ...

... the message behind the art. It can cause people to re-examine their thinking.
To wrap up, the representation of this particular piece of art is accurate in the sense of the story of The Buddha. . One might think the message is negative because there is a swastika on the Buddha’s chest but this artwork actually gives off a positive message by encouraging an atmosphere of well-being and calmness, and may provide inspiration to deepen and practice our own inner peace. There are many symbols would make an audience ask questions and they might pursue knowing more about the story of the Buddha and The Four Noble Truths. The purpose of this artwork is intended to witnessing the Buddha becoming enlightened more than the art is evangelizing, but both can be shown in it. The message in this artwork is a powerful motivational reminder that everyone has the Buddha nature within

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