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There are five different marketing orientations which are production, customer, sales, strategic marketing, and social marketing. Avon’s use of social marketing orientation is a must because it is part of their international image which is to support women’s needs which could include supporting charities such as breast cancer and domestic violence. When Avon established its first foreign market with Canada it they were more focusing on sales orientation instead of product adaption. Today, they use customer, strategic marketing, and social marketing in their international strategy. Products are modified to meet customers’ need such as skin care products in Japan, while adding insect repellent to skin cream in Brazil. Avon also modified its distribution method, especially in China for the strategic marketing orientation.
(Daniels, John. Radebaugh, Lee. Sullivan, Daniel. (2011).
2. Avon has become more dependent on it foreign operations rather than its U.S operations because Avon forecasted slow growth selling in the United States. Because, the U.S market was just about tapped out for sales in cosmetics, fragrances, and toiletries, Avon decided to look into less-competitive markets, discovering that the annual report expected the U.S to be in line with that of the overall beauty market, which meant that sales would depend on the growth of the population of women in the cosmetic using age. This was bad news as well because even if there was an untapped U.S market, less than 5 percent of the world’s population lives in the United States. Secondly, Avon depends on independent salespeople who are usually women which usually place orders with Avon and deliver the products to the customer. This process has made Avon successful and has ...

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...ch as this when attempting to market and supply products in today's competitive environment.

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