Essay The Aviator, directed by Martin Scorsese

Essay The Aviator, directed by Martin Scorsese

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The film The Aviator portrays an insight into the life of Howard Hughes. We get a perspective that the public didn’t see in Howard Hughes. Martin Scorsese directed the film and depicts Howard Hughes life both through what Howard says but also what is not said. Music and lighting show what Hughes is thinking even if he isn’t saying it. In the scene where the airplane Hercules is being built, music and lighting play a key role in the scene. Hughes doesn’t even have to say anything for the viewer to feel as though the viewer too have Obsessive-compulsive disorder.
The scene opens with a bird’s eye view shot that hones in on Howard Hughes walking at a very fast pace through an airplane hangar. The melody being played while he is walking is very upbeat and chaotic sounding which perfectly coincides with Howard’s mental mindset. It is a very high paced and high pitched flute that is playing very loudly. His thoughts are competing with one another and the music is so fast it makes the viewers mind race which is an insight into Howard’s mind.
Howard is then in the airplane Hercules that is being constructed and the music becomes calm and there is natural looking light and no sparks. I believe this gives the viewer the insight that Hughes is currently in his peaceful atmosphere and his feelings are not all over the place. Throughout the entire scene there are loud saws that sound as if they’re cutting through steel. The only time you don’t hear any saws is when Howard is in the airplane. The sound made from the saws pierces your ears and causes the viewer to cringe and make you feel somewhat insane. Again, I believe this shows Hughes psychologically is not right and you get a mental insight by experiencing it as well.

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...y and menacing. I believe this is continuing the trend of his chaotic thoughts. When his O.C.D. attack begins the sparks begin as well. This time however there are no fluorescent lights, it’s just darkness surrounded by sparks. I believe this shows the madness going on in Howard’s mind. The sparks are everywhere and so are his thoughts, the mystifying display of glowing light makes Hughes suffer.
Martin Scorsese beautifully uses lighting and music to portray Howard’s thoughts in this scene. Without the music and lighting the viewer wouldn’t get the same impression of his mood and mindset. Throughout the scene and the movie as a whole we get to witness a viewpoint that the public never saw in Howard Hughes. The music and lighting are perfectly placed in that Hughes doesn’t even have to speak in order for the viewer to experience the madness throughout the film.

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