Aviation: The Radar System Essay

Aviation: The Radar System Essay

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A radar system to be used in this modernised world of aviation has to be efficient and reliable. The system has to accommodate the endless flow of air traffic all day without any failure that would otherwise hinder the flow of air traffic, causing not only the airline but the airport itself to lose money. As such, the radar system chosen for this assignment is the latest model of CAAS’ Long Range Radar and Display System (LORADS) III, suited to meet the operational requirements of Singapore. This radar system has been operational since 16th October 2013, and costs more than $300 milion. This radar is based on Thales’ TopSky ATC system, one of the world’s leading Technology Company providing services for airspace security.

2.1 Capabilities

LORADS III comprises of the Primary Surveillance Radar (PSR) and Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR). The PSR works by transmitting high-frequency pulses which would be reflected by the aircraft and be received by the same radar. The SSR works slightly differently; the pulses are not reflected, but received by the aircraft through a transponder which processes the signal. The aircraft would then “answer” through a signal and is transmitted back to the radar.
Deployed by the CAAS for mainly terminal and approach control, LORADS III features advanced technology such as flight-data processing, approach sequencing and controller-pilot data link communications. It is equipped with surveillance sources like ADS-B, which allows extended surveillance coverage for parts of the airspace, reducing aircraft separation and increasing capacity of busy air routes.
The surveillance features allow the radar to track up to 2000 planes at within 500 nautical miles at any one...

... middle of paper ...

...d descent as close as possible to the ETA (suitably within 30 minutes) from the flight plan. During this 30 minutes, the ATC would reserve airspace at the aircraft’s flight level and below. Regardless, contact with ATC should be made ASAP after landing.


In conclusion, LORADS III, along with its technological advances, allows ATC to work more effectively to achieve greater efficiency in Singapore’s FIR.
Radars play a vital role in today’s air traffic operations and failure or absence of such would result in severe delays to the smooth, normal and efficient operations of air traffic operations. It is no doubt unarguable that modern air traffic control requires the aid of radars to achieve the level of efficiency they are executing today. Given the rapid growth of the aviation industry, radars are not expected to go out of use in the near future.

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