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Without the federal government’s direct oversight of development in aviation, much of the technology and advancements we utilize today would not be available. Previous to the Deregulation Act of 1978, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) monitored and controlled nearly every aspect of the industry. It wasn’t until after the act was released, did the aviation industry begin seeing its true potential in transportation.
By the early 1900’s, with the aviation industry just beginning, many enthusiasts experimented with the new concept of flight and quickly began improving the basic concepts of aviation. What was initially intended for hobbyists quickly became a staple for the U.S. Government in support of World War I and later the Post Office Department. Aircrafts were becoming more capable of transporting bulk supplies and to further distances. More importantly it was a means to transport time sensitive items from point to point in a fraction of the time compared to ground or water.
The next several decades, provided many challenges for the aviation industry ranging from internal management, policy development, design and capabilities, and government funding. However, without the government’s interest in the program, technological improvements would not have continued to develop increasing both quantity and quality in aviation.
By the end of the 1940’s and with WWII over, the eminent threat of the Cold War was just beginning. The government was riddled with the postwar development of the United States and was little position to release their hand in the industry. Still maintaining operational control, the government released the Federal Aviation Act of 1958. The purpose of this act was:
“To continue the Civil Aero...

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...imary purpose now is to provide impartiality between organizations, as well as, regulate financial funding for operations and safety. The FAA’s future role will remain important in making decisions with outside governments and agencies, especially as America transitions towards a global economy.

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