Essay about The Average Sweatshop Employee Is Paid As Little As $ 1.12 An Hour

Essay about The Average Sweatshop Employee Is Paid As Little As $ 1.12 An Hour

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The average sweatshop employee is paid as little as $1.12 an hour. (Cooper, Rob. "Inside Apple 's Chinese 'sweatshop ' Factory Where Workers Are Paid Just £1.12 per Hour to Produce IPhones and IPads for the West." N.p., n.d. Web) This amount of money is not adequate enough to match today’s standards. Retail organizations today make more than enough to supply employees for their necessities. The top retail organizations in the nation should not use third world countries to manufacture their products because economically, the companies are able to create more jobs in the U.S, also the safety hazards and abusive management are unacceptable to our standards of humanity.
Mandatory 12 to 15 hour shifts six days a week to only receive $180 a month is outrageously low; even a teenager can make more money working at a part-time job.(Cooper, Rob. "Inside Apple 's Chinese 'sweatshop ' Factory Where Workers Are Paid Just £1.12 per Hour to Produce IPhones and IPads for the West." N.p., n.d. Web) In sweatshops, workers are forced to stand all day no matter the conditions they are under. Whether the employee is sick or injured, they are expected to complete the tasks they are given, no excuses. If the worker fails to do their job, the consequences range from not being paid or beaten physically until the job is completed. Sweatshops allow zero breaks, cameras watch every movement of the assembly line to make sure even the slowest worker is keeping up the pace. Not only do employees get paid close to nothing, but they are not paid overtime. A former worker had asked her company to pay for overtime and they refused. She then went to the labor board to meet her demands. Instead of getting what she wanted she was placed on a “black list,” which te...

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...her case, a Foxconn employee lost an iPhone prototype in 2009 and committed suicide. (Blodget, Henry. "Apple 's Sweatshop Problem: 16 Hour Days, ~70 Cents An Hour." Yahoo Finance. N.p., 20 Jan. 2012. Web. 25 Sept. 2013.) Employees at sweatshops know that if they mess up once it would mean no pay or a beating from the security guards. Using fear and enforcing strict rules is the only way sweatshops see as efficient and productive.
Top Retail organizations should not be able to use third world countries to manufacture their products because of economic, safety and management reasons. Instead, create factories in America to produce jobs and safe labor. Companies make enough money to support themselves, but don’t seem to care about the individuals who put forth the effort. We all have morals, and sweatshops are not only inhumane, but degrading to our “perfect society.”

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