Avatars Will Replace Faces And Profiles

Avatars Will Replace Faces And Profiles

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I never thought when I started blogging that I would receive over fifty thousand views from one website alone. That is a big compliment for an old guy that lives in Brooklyn. I guess whatever I have to say must be stimulating. The lack of comments that I and most other male writers receive is not a sign of poor writing only a sign that women are not interested in a mans individuality or creative ability. I have seen many extremely boring and frivolous articles written by women receive over fifteen compliments. It is obvious that they are coming from lady friends that haven?t the talent to say anything more than ?Very Interesting?. Or ?I love it?. Most websites are dominated by groups of women that support one another. They are called ?Communities? by their directors. I call them ?Cabalas?. Fortunately I can gain popularity without joining any of them. The thousands of views I have received shows that I can stand alone. If I needed the support of groupies to be read, it would be time for me to stop writing and go fishing.

I would like to remedy the situation and give the floor to those writers that really have something interesting to say but that is impossible. Popularity of the writer not the quality of what is written has always been the rule. A successful writer has to cater to the crowd. If a person chooses to read articles only by writers in their ethnic group nobody can interfere with their choice. Not all people are groupies and many of them are very fair. Their individuality deserves my respect.

There is no way to appreciate or understand an article better than when it is written by an author who is represented by an avatar. Without a clue to the identity of the writer the reader is forced to pass judgment only on what is written. This poses no problem for a person that possesses the ability to analyze what is read. But for the groupie an article that does not identify the author creates a state of terror for them, because they must know the identity of the writer. Some groupies only feel comfortable reading an article written by a certain gender. Others demand to know the religion or racial group of the author before reading the article. These groupies by their practice censor the independent writer who attempts to approach a subject fairly.

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There are many reasons for those that are now using an avatar on the Internet, the most common one is fear of being identified. Having a face displayed for millions to see makes a person uncomfortable. Some people that use avatars believe that they are homely and would prefer that their faces be hidden. Others prefer to stay anonymous for a variety of reasons, but few do it for the sake of creating an objective atmosphere for their readership. I doubt that there is any successful writer in the media that displays an avatar as an identity unless it is backed up with a profile.

I think it would be better for the country if the presidential candidates were represented by avatars. In that way only what was said would be important. Their speeches could be heard over a device that would disguise the sound of their real voice. In no way would they be allowed to disclose their background or social status. Even a homeless person could become the president if he had something important to say. If this method of electing a president was put into law we surely would have a talented man leading our nation.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But that picture can hide the importance of what a thousand written words are saying. A face can be deceiving because it rarely offers us the time to understand what is behind it. Written words can be examined and analyzed for the quality of its content. The benefit of the avatar is that it can help focus the attention of readers on what is being said. The avatar also destroys the narrowness of the groupie who is blind to what is written by those outside their group. An avatar has no race or religion, it is completely neutral. Future writers on the Internet might be required to use an avatar. It is needed in times where facial imagery has replaced words.
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