The Availability Of Online Degrees Dramatically Changed The Idea Of Higher Education

The Availability Of Online Degrees Dramatically Changed The Idea Of Higher Education

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I believe that the availability of online degrees has drastically changed the idea of higher education and I would like to share my ideas with you. At one time, colleges would offer a few courses online to help students complete their degree with ease. Now, however, the popularity of this option has grown to the point that most colleges offer students the chance to complete their entire degree online. These courses are appealing to students for several different reasons: convenience, ability to move at their own pace, and the ability to hold down their full time jobs are just a few of them. Many students who would otherwise not be able to complete their degree for seven or eight years are now able to finish their degrees along with their peers. I would like to go over the advancement of these courses with you and how they have impacted the future of education.

Before online courses were offered, the idea of a completing your college degree while working a full time job was outrageous. It was done, of course, but you were forced to only take courses after five in the afternoon and this limited the schedule you could take on. Most students were stuck only taking two or three courses a semester. This meant that they were forced to attend school for six years just to complete a four year degree. There are many courses even now that are not offered at night. You would have to take off of work a few hours a week to attend those classes. The only other option would be quitting your job and deciding to go to school full time. Not many people could afford that luxury, though. Online education has changed all of that and opened doors for many adults today. At most colleges now you are able to take the majority of your courses online. Some ...

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...tudent but all of this information and the chance to change their future are literally right at their fingertips. I believe that the demand for online education will continue to grow and will eventually be an option for every student at all universities. I am one of those adults who were finally able to open a new door and begin working toward my dream because of online programs. So on behalf of all adults who are finally able to make their dream a reality, I would like to thank you. As director of the online college you are part of the system that has given me a second chance. I cannot describe how grateful I am that online education has changed so much and has opened new doors for me. I can only hope that everyone in my situation is taking advantage of this opportunity and finally starting down the path to fulfilling their dreams.


Christy D Springs

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