Essay on The Automotive Industry Has Exceeded Expectations

Essay on The Automotive Industry Has Exceeded Expectations

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The Automotive Industry has grown exponentially over the past couple years. We have
seen new technology, more fuel efficient vehicles. And environmentally safer alternatives in the
Auto Industry more so than ever before. Is this Globally a competitive market? Is it really more
efficient? How are the people of United States and Government responding to these new
changes? These are just some of the questions Environmentalists are asking.
New Automotive technology
The automotive Industry has exceeded expectations when it comes to technology. A
majority of this success is in due part to The Department of Energy. This organization has helped
Auto Manufacturers produce more environmentally safe alternatives for vehicles such as their
investments into manufacturing over 4 million fuel efficient vehicles. They have issued over $8
billion dollars’ worth in loans to majors manufacturers such as Ford Motor Company. According
to “the Department of Energy is pushing breakthroughs in batteries and energy
storage,” (Moniz, 2015). What this means is that they are playing major role in making cars more
environmentally friendly by using alternative materials when building vehicles and finding better
ways to save our natural resources. One example of this is the switch from Gasoline powered
vehicles to Electric vehicles that run off of batteries. The Energy company stated that “for the
U.S. to become the first nation in the world to produce plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) that are
as affordable and convenient for the average American family as today 's gasoline-powered
vehicles by 2022” (Moniz, 2015). This will reduce our emissions’ and currently has helped make
over 35,000 new jobs and has even saved over 900 million gallons of gasoline...

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...and Chrysler. They are called the big three because they have
dominated the Auto industry. Chrysler filed bankruptcy in hopes to save their company, and took
out a loan of 8 Billion dollars in order to bring consumers back to their products. Consumers may
have their own favorite car or product however, the consensus seems to stay the same. In the
article all of the interviewee’s agreed that the Economy Strives best when its major industries are
manufactured at home aka The United States. With newer technology being invented for our
vehicles and with it becoming cheaper to manufacture, consumers are more likely to buy. With a
cheaper price point, and more fuel efficient, the growth of employment, and the economic
benefits that this presents for America, it should keep the U.S going strong in this very
competitive industry

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