Automotive Engineering : The Application Of Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering Christian Solorzano PID: 5313474 Engineering is the application of science and mathematics to construct innovative designs using natural resources to benefit mankind. Mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the design and use of machines. Mechanical engineer’s main objective is to take a product from an idea to the marketplace. In other words, they create and plan the idea on paper, design the idea so it can sell, and then ensure that the machine functions safely and efficiently. It requires a vast amount of skills and knowledge to design these machines. Some examples of skills would be; understanding the forces and thermal environment a product may soon encounter, analyzing, and designing objects and systems with motion. Some areas of knowledge needed for this discipline are: dynamics, heat transfer, manufacturing, mechanical design, etc. The demand for mechanical engineer’s is increasing at 5% around the world. Some examples of areas that fall within the mechanical engineer spectrum are: automotive, aerospace, mechanics, robotics, energy, etc. Mechanical engineers usually work in teams and use many applied scientific, and mathematical concepts when designing projects. This discipline has such broad abilities and areas of opportunities that it is possible to navigate to other subareas of this given work field, seeing as how almost, if not all modern technology today is tweaked by mechanical engineers to secure the productivity of the final product. Automotive Engineering Automotive engineering is a branch of mechanical engineering. Both mechanical and automotive disciplines are very similar except for the fact that automotive engineering only specifies in automobiles. Automotive e... ... middle of paper ... FIU to examine what major I would fall into, and my results showed different types of engineering. I decided to pursue a career in mechanical engineering because it deals with machines and it is one of the broadest disciplines of engineering. Once I familiarize myself with the different types of disciplines, I will narrow down the scope into a more precise engineering. In the future, I see myself graduating with a bachelor’s degree and working for a Ford Motor Company. Then, I will pursue my Master’s degree in mechanical engineering while working at the Ford Motor Company. Pursuing my Master’s Degree after my Bachelor’s Degree will give me a more in-depth understanding of the discipline. Research shows that working with vehicles is one of the best paying mechanical engineering jobs right now. Also, experience plays a big role in the salary and pay for this career.

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