Automobiles: The Greatest Invention Essay

Automobiles: The Greatest Invention Essay

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To many people, when they hear the word “invention” they think of clever gadgets and devices that are now common. Such as the safety pin, zippers, computers, telephones, and cars- all of which have amazing stories behind them. However the word “invention” actually goes back to the Latin word invenire for “to come upon.” Basically an invention can be any tangible device or a process, which is brought out by the human imagination.
Now a lot of these inventions have helped shaped America. Such as the train and car, which have changed transportation and trade for good. Then there are the electrical inventions, such as the light bulb and the alkaline storage battery. Changing the way people live at home. Its almost impossible to live with out those two inventions, especially since love their television and computers.
So what was the thinking behind these inventors? What made them want to create the product or invention that they made? As well as most of all, which invention has impacted America the most? First we have to look at the inventions that pave the road for future ones. Such as the alkaline battery. There were three people behind this invention, Thomas Edison (1847-1931), Henry Ford (1863-1947), and Charles F. Kettering (1876-1958). Edison was an American chemist, inventor, and industrialist. Ford was also an American inventor and industrialist. Kettering was an American engineer and an inventor like the other two. Now a French physicist Gaston Planté made the first practical battery, employed electrodes of lead and lead oxide and sulfuric acid electrolyte (the solution that conducts electricity). Now thinking behind the battery was the car. In the beginning when cars first came out, they had a steam engin...

... middle of paper ... in the cities or in towns, but they lived in suburban communities so they need a way to get around faster, transport their families, and carry the every day things they had. With out the automobile who know what America would be like, or even the world. The automobile also created the need for the highway system. With more and more people owning cars and traveling on the weekends, highway made it easier to travel in shorter times. With this people could travel to other states on a single route.
So what was the original thinking behind the car? Well to get a person and their family from point A to point B in a faster time than a horse. And it has evolved greatly ever since, even starting to loop back to Edison’s original plan for an electric car. So its safe to say that that the automobile is one of, if not, the most influential inventions on the United states.

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