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Automobiles of Tomorrow Essay

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As America moves into the next generation of vehicular travel, we must keep in mind how resources will be used to develop these very things. Will we continue to consume more so than is necessary? Or will our government, in partnership with research and development firms, develop a comprehensive plan to engineer cars that act in stewardship of the environment. As it stands, the Environmental Protection Agency has enacted policies and regulations which move toward just that; reform which targets car companies in an effort to curb their wasteful tactics and implement standards that will ensure consumers pay less at the pump and get more out of their car (Environmental Protection Agency, Nevertheless, we must look at both sides of the argument when analyzing the particulars of such a concept; in so far as, if we choose to reform the way business is done in America, how do we go about doing it to include the need for companies to ensure that their respective products do more to help the environment than harm it.
When analyzing the need to regulate the means in which a company designs and engineers their vehicles, we must first assess governmental efforts in regards to establishing particular fuel consumption norms. Thus, we analyze the Environmental Protection Agency and any methods used to determine fuel efficiency standards that are at a level which ensures companies have a viable opportunity to meet said standards. 2011 witnessed the introduction of the revamped EPA’s labeling system as a means of promoting fuel efficiency standards to customers in car dealerships (Why is Fuel Economy Important, Within the changes came inclusions of detailed information regarding the vehicles’ fuel...

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