Essay about The Automobile Revolution of the 1920’s

Essay about The Automobile Revolution of the 1920’s

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The nineteen twenties was a prosperous time for the residents of the United States. Stocks were at record highs, jobs everywhere, and the world seemed to be changing for the better (“Roaring Twenties”; Wikipedia). According to Wikipedia this decade had a few different names consisting of: ‘The Roaring Twenties’, ‘The Jazz Age’, in addition to ‘The Golden Age Twenties’ in some European countries. However there was another major event that happened at the end of the Greatest Generation (“Generation Timelines Starting with the 1920’s”; poetic_lala), the Automobile Revolution. The ‘Automobile Revolution’ massively impacted the United States, from environmental issues all the way to how people lived their everyday lives. (“1920’s”; Wikipedia)
During the twenties a major technological revolution had come forth into the spotlight, Henry Ford’s assembly line. The widely acclaimed assembly line allowed for manufacturing companies to create much more product to sell, one of these products was your everyday automobiles. With these companies being able to make increasing numbers of vehicles they were able to supply the skyrocketing demand that the public wanted. Prosperity during this time allowed for the residence to afford these worldly purchases they so greatly desired. From there on out the world would change greatly to adapt to the steady increase of these pragmatic automobiles that originated in this exuberant decade. (“1920’s Automobiles; Scott Roberts)
Cars can cause many different impacts of the environment like pollution to using up our natural resources. Up until the nineteen twenties oil was used in a rather moderate amount, this however would drastically change in those short ten years. With a progressive number of cars finding...

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