Automobile Emissions, CO and Asthma Essay examples

Automobile Emissions, CO and Asthma Essay examples

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Automobile Emissions, CO and Asthma
Auto emissions are byproducts from the engine combustion process and from the vanishing of fuel. Despite the ever-growing number of vehicles on the road, studies show that ten to thirty percent of vehicles cause the majority of vehicle-related air pollution. This fact sheet lists some of the air pollutants associated with vehicle emissions. Because contact to these pollutants can cause serious health problems, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has established air quality standards to protect our health Asthma is an illness that causes the airways of the lungs to swell and narrow, leading to wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and coughing. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, toxic gas produced from the vehicle's exhaust as a result of imperfect burning. It constrains with the blood's ability to carry oxygen to the brain, heart, and other tissues. Unborn or newborn children and people with heart disease are in greatest danger from this pollutant, but even healthy people can experience headaches, fatigue and reduced reflexes due to CO exposure. Today I am going to talk about how automobile emissions produce CO and effect humans and lead them to Asthma same as many more health problems.
In the article, “Vehicle Exhaust to Health Problems” in New York Times, Exhaust from cars and trucks aggravates asthma in humans and may cause new cases as well as other respiratory diseases resulting in deaths, a self-originated institute described. People who live close to main highways are mostly affected by air pollution mostly lungs problem, and many other health problems. About 30 to 40% percent poor and lower class population are more affected than people live away from c...

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