Automatic Or Manual Car Is A Better Choice For Me? Essay

Automatic Or Manual Car Is A Better Choice For Me? Essay

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Automatic or manual car, which is a better choice for me? How do they work? Which one should I buy? Why? I’m sure these are questions you have asked yourself when searching for the new car that you’re inspired to buy. Both, an automatic and a manual car make great vehicles to get you from point A to point B. An appropriate choice depends on the car owner. If you’re driving to the city, sitting in traffic all the time, an automatic car may be better for you, although long commutes use a great deal of gas and a manual car uses a deficient amount of gas compared to an automatic. There are many different factors you have to think about before jumping to conclusion and buying an automatic car or a manual car.
The main difference among an automatic car and a manual car is how the transmission works. In a manual car you have to shift gears based on the vehicle’s speed using the clutch pedal and the gearshift (stick.) When the clutch pedal has been depressed, the clutch becomes disengaged meaning that the engine and the transmissions are separate. At this time, gears can be chosen or you can stop the car without it stalling. On the other hand, an automatic car has a torque convertor instead of a clutch pedal, which in this case is used to separate the engine from the transmission. However, when driving an automatic vehicle, all you have to do is place the car in drive, and the transmission shifts automatically depending on the rpm’s, and when you hit the brake pedal. Releasing the clutch pedal takes practice to ensure a smooth start, that is frequently what steers people away from buying a manual car. However, being able to shift gears on your own allows you to have supplementary control over the car rather than the car shifting on it...

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...k so they don’t crash into the person in front of them. Although an automatic car may seem easier and have a reduced amount of work, a manual car becomes the same way after practice.
In conclusion, when deciding whether you would like to buy an automatic or a manual car, think around all the factors. Would you rather be lazy and not have to learn a new driving technique or would you rather save money? Driving a manual car may additionally become fun because you’re genuinely involved in the driving of the car when in an automatic car you have no control over the transmission of the car. However, in the end the automatic or the manual car will get you to the same place. Which one you drive is a preference in America, considering we have both automatic and manual transmissions available to us. The next time you go shopping for a new car keep these differences in mind.

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