Essay about Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Essay about Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

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CanGo has hired One Stop Consulting to find and implement an ASRS so that their operations can be more efficient and trouble free. It is a challenging project for the consultants, but their efforts and hard work eventually will bring the best for CanGo. Because of our Excellent Reputation, CanGo trusted our professional opinions, and our mission is to increase the data storage capacity and it`s retrieval by 25% with an allocated budget. Our professional’s hard work will find a company and system that will: Increase the storage capacity by 66%, install the new ASRS which will enhance the flow of data in collaboration with the old system, provide state of art Data Modules, routes and gateways that will enhance uploading speed by 36.66% and downloading by 49.63% where uploading is retrieval and downloading is automatic saving process of data in data ware house. One Stop will also find a company that will provide the training to CanGo’s employees on the new system so that they can handle, troubleshoot, and operate the system without spending any extra money, quality assurance team will make sure that all the related systems will perform at their optimal level.

ASRS Vender/Product Comparison
After weeks of research and deliberation, One Stop Consulting has reviewed several viable vendors for the CanGo ASRS implementation guide. We have thoroughly investigated not only ASRS vendors, but also considered leasing, purchasing, and whole logistics outsourcing. In our endeavors we have narrowed down our options to 3 ASRS vendors and selected the best for CanGo.
As you can see from the Vendor Comparison chart below, the only company that meets the needs for CanGo is Kardex-Remstar.
Vendor Comparison
Vendor 24 x 7 support Softw...

... middle of paper ...

...ll as the ASRS. There is always the option of purchasing the ASRS in the future if needed or continue to lease.

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