Essay on Autoethnography of Culture and Diversity

Essay on Autoethnography of Culture and Diversity

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Ethiopia is a country located at the horn of Africa and home to a variety of cultural and linguistically diverse population. Ethiopian history dates back 3000 years and is rich with culture and values. The World Bank (2013) statistics reports Ethiopia as the second densely populated country in Africa as well as the poorest. As such, 38.7% of Ethiopians live below poverty line and the countries per capital income is estimated to be $410 (World Bank, 2013). Still, the Ethiopians are recognized as a friendly and gracious people. In Ethiopia guests are respected and treated well. When an Ethiopian greets others it is with a smile and a warm hand shake. As well they expect to be treated with warmth and respect when they meet others. In addition Ethiopians have a hierarchal respect system in which the elderly are given the utmost respect (Center for Cultural Learning, 2009). Other cultural distinctions noticed are Ethiopians do not like to divulge their illness to others and physicians rarely tell a terminal patient that his or her illness is terminal because of the belief that sharing such devastating news would discourage the patient from the will to live. Instead the news is shared with loved ones so that they can provide emotional support (Mabsout, 2011). Lastly Ethiopia is a Black country and so there is no color distinction associated within the population. Thus an Ethiopian who migrates to America faces a variety of societal differences within the United States. In this paper the author will discuss the author’s cultural and ethnical background and discuss how the author’s cultural value influenced the nursing experience.

Authoethnography of Culture and Diversity
Cultural Background
As an Ethiopian this ...

... middle of paper ... about a patient’s cultural background and influences that may drive the care received.

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