Autocratic Monarchy : A Thing Of The Past ! Essay

Autocratic Monarchy : A Thing Of The Past ! Essay

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Joey Sansone

November 17


Autocratic Monarchy a Thing of the Past!

With the Autocratic Monarchy in Iran 's rear view mirror, there is hope that the new form of government will benefit the Citizens of Iranian. Before the Iranian Revolution, which began in January 1978 and ended in February 1979, Iran 's government was an Autocratic Monarchy (Wikipedia; Iranian Revolution). Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi had unlimited authority over the citizens of Iran. Shah’s dictatorship and inability to manage the country 's finances resulted in poverty and led to a revolutionary war which ultimately changed the form of Iran 's government. Once the Shah was overthrown, Iran adopted the Islamic Republic. Iran was now ruled by Islamic law. For the next ten years Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini would be the supreme leader of Iran.
As the primary leader of the revolution, it follows that Ayatollah became the supreme leader. Under the new form of government, Islamic Republic, government officials were elected by the people with their activities monitored by theocratic bodies. A theocratic body is a form of government comprised of priests who make their decisions based on a god. With the new governmental structure, Iran saw significant improvements in many aspects of human life. These included increased levels of education and life expectancy. People enjoyed better standard of living.
Given that Iran 's new government was based on Theocrasy the citizens have a limited role. Although the citizens have the right to vote for government officials a big part of their government is based on religion. In a government such as this the people are not expected to ask questions but follow the guidance of their god. In Islamic religion behavioral expe...

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...t accepted Islamic Republic to roul there every day life. They combined Islamic religion with their government to form a theocracy.
Positives vs Negatives
The change of the Iranian Governmental structure from Autocratic Monarchy to Islamic Republic had a positive outcome both economically and socially. Under the new governmental structures the citizens were given a say in who would run the government. This government succeeded in achieving higher educational advancements for the citizens. Increased education resulted in a higher standard of living the mortality rate also decreased. On the other hand the theocratic aspect of government did not allow the people to ask questions but instead they were expected to follow the laws of islam. Altho this could be positive in some aspects of life it 's not a good principle to follow in governmental decisions.

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