The Autobiography of Jeffery Culverson Jr Essay

The Autobiography of Jeffery Culverson Jr Essay

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The autobiography of Jeffery Culverson Jr

Ever since I was a little boy, I had dreams of becoming someone great in life. I always imagined myself doing wonderous things and traveling the world. I was born Jeffery Lawrence Culverson Jr on July 29th, 1980 to Tammy Collins and Jeffery Culverson in Las Vegas, Nevada. All though I had big aspirations as a little boy, I learned quickly in life that what you want is not always what you get. My parents had three children; two girls and myself, but they were never together while I was growing up. I was taught the violin and other musical instruments at an early age, but because my mother moved around a lot I went to many schools, and eventually lost touch with my musical side. I never understood what being born a black man meant, until I experienced hate towards me for no reason accept for the color of my skin, and this affected my life. When I was 25 years old I met my future wife, who showed me how to better myself and not let the world keep me down.
When I was 3 years old, my mother moved to the state of Texas with me and my middle sister. I spent about 5 years in Texas. My mother would send me to school in cowboy boots and tight jeans. I was always laughed at, because I was this little black boy wearing skinny jeans and cowboy boots. I came to love music, being that it was the only thing that made me feel good. My mother had a long time boyfriend who was caucasian at that period in my life and he was the only person around who I actually had as a father figure. Before long they broke up and I ended up back in Las Vegas, Nevada.
My mom and real dad ended up having another daughter together and I was sent to live with my grandmother. My dad was with another woman with other...

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...t will take some time to accomplish my goals and dreams. I still have my violin and it is a reminder of what I will accomplish and not what I can not do. Its a reminder that with everything in life, things take time. My parents weren't together when I was young, but did eventually get married when I was in my late 20's. There has always been racism, and there probably will always be racism, but just because some one else is ignorant doesn mean my future life will be based on what they think. I may have spent a lot of time alone when I was younger, but now I have a wonderful marriage to someone who I know will always be there accepting me for my unique ways. In some ways I have already become someone great and I have accomplished some wonderous things already. I know that my future will only be brighter and I will look back and think how great a person I have become.

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