The Autobiography Of A High School Senior Essay

The Autobiography Of A High School Senior Essay

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The Autobiography of a High School Senior
On August 14 1997, I entered the world at Southeast Hospital in Cape Girardeau. From the very beginning I was unordinary. I was an early baby weighing in at 9 lbs. and about 22 inches tall. My father decided to name me Sierra but won’t tell me any meaning to my name other than he just liked it. I was always happy to be around and my favorite activity was sticking my fingers in food (especially cake). We enjoyed every one of our days on Luce Street in downtown Cape Girardeau. My older sister, four at the time, had taken courses to learn about the responsibilities of becoming an older sister. Although qualified, my sister and I grew up together with opposing personalities. We both we deeply loved by our mother, a prime example of what a tree-hugger was in the late 90s. Then there was my dad who I had always followed like it was my sole duty to mimic my father like a ‘mini-him’. He is 6’9” so growing up playing in his bigfoot-sized shoes always captivated my attention. We were a small, happy family on Luce Street.
However, by the time I was seven, our home became too small for our tall family and the latest addition of our Himalayan cat named Simon. Our worlds changed as we moved to what seemed like a mansion at the time. Our new location on Concord Place suited my rapid growth spurts. If I was not at home, I was most likely at my grandparent’s house on David Street with my cousin. Her rebellious ginger nature and my own desire to be unique was the perfect pair. We shared everything and never fought. She is the best friend I have ever made in my life. Abby and I would often explore the outdoors or make pancakes from scratch with my grandpa.
I went to Scott City Elementary from 1st grade to ...

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...l put all my heart into working for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree as well as a Neuropsychology Major. In five years I would love to live in a small house where I have multiple dogs. I must have a huskey; that is my number one priority. Eventually I want to have a job in a crisis center for teens with suicidal thoughts. Ten years from now I basically want the same thing as five. Just to be happy and in a better place than high school. At this point in my career I want to own my own Psychology business but I with offer therapeutic art courses for patients. I do this because I have a deep passion for art that saved my life and I would like to teach people how to express themselves when they are struggling. I would also like to get to a point where I can have free nights where anyone who needs help can come over to my business/studio. I want to reach out to the people.

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