The Autobiography And Other Writings By Ben Franklin Essay

The Autobiography And Other Writings By Ben Franklin Essay

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The Autobiography and Other Writings, written by Ben Franklin, is a book dedicated to Franklin’s accomplishments, and a trace of his intellectual growth. Franklin’s goal was to reach Moral Perfection. Vanity is defined as having too much pride in one’s appearance or accomplishments and is viewed as sinful by many people. Morality is defined as principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. For him to reach that goal, he must have good morals. There was a clear relation between virtue and vanity, Franklin created a list of thirteen virtues that he would follow later. Franklin’s dedication to being truly moral was nearly impossible; he knows that man cannot be perfected, but that does not stop him from pursuing greatness. His vanity and morality would lead him to his successes in the future. Franklin’s autobiography should inspire his readers to follow his footsteps, in the direction of self-dedication to be successful.
Ben Franklin was naturally intellectual; he showed signs of determination and constantly checked himself to make sure he was improving. His dedication for self-betterment came up multiple times in the book. When Ben took the manager position at the printing press, he became obsessed with working, that launched his life in the business world. After that, he took over Keimer’s (a friend of Ben) printing house and started a new paper. Because of Franklin’s hard work, his paper business managed to survive, and avoid bankruptcy. His success in the business industry showed his willingness to strive for success, even though the printing industry was not very well respected. His decisions were based on his morals, and his moral was his vanity.

Franklin’s vanity is what lead him t...

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... if a man has moral virtues, they will try striving in life. A person’s success has been depended on their own vanity and morals.
In conclusion, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin was a persuasive piece of literature. It shows that vanity and morality should be put together, two opposites that should not be together. Vanity is always praising one’s self and is considered sinful. On the other hand, Morality has a better connotation to it, it shows if men can make good decisions. The two together should make men strive in life, as did Ben Franklin. He is one of the most significant humans on the planet, his vanity led him to greatness, and pushed him even more. He strived to be a part of the higher class, he started from the bottom and climbed his way up. The book showed his footsteps to his success and intellectual knowledge, this is what people should follow.

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