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Autism affects one in eighty-eight children and is the fastest growing serious developmental disorder, according to Autism speaks. When does autism first occur? It doesn't just happen, these children are born with it, some just show up faster than others. Autism is a serious disorder that many test for such test as; chromosomal analysis, electroencephalograph, and MRI. A chromosomal analysis is where doctors look at the number of chromosomes and see how they are affected. A electroencephalograph is where they place monitors on the patients scalp and see how much electrical activity occurs in the brain. A MRI can help detect autism because it sees how much brain activity is occurring. Most people believe that autism is a traumatic illness; however, this just demonstrates the many misconceptions about this disorder.
Common signs of autism include; that the child may develop abnormally or be even be unresponsive to certain things, some might even have very bad tantrums or might have violent outbreaks. Most autistic children do not speak until the age of two or even longer, some never talk which lead to them using sign language or some other form of communication again this communication can be bad or good it just depends on the child. This can sometimes lead to the child being socially impaired, or unable to make friends easily or interact with the public as well. It makes it very hard for the child to make friends or even learn to socialize correctly which can lead to the child feeling different and distancing themselves from the outside world. People have often suggested that baby shots were a cause for autism; however, this was proven wrong. Other people suggest that autism is caused by when the mother is pregnant and is expos...

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