Essay on Autism Is The Applied Behavioral Center For Autism

Essay on Autism Is The Applied Behavioral Center For Autism

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When I first started this volunteer assignment I was not for sure where exactly I wanted to volunteer, but after some thought I realized since I eventually wanted to work with children whom have autism the I should volunteer at a place with children whom have autism. I decided the best place to volunteer is The Applied Behavioral Center for Autism, but before I get into my volunteer experience I would like to talk about autism and exactly what autism is.
Autism is a developmental disorder that usually occurs within the first three years of a child’s life. There are many signs that a child may have autism, some signs I personally have experienced are clapping of hands for no reason at all, short attention span, and covering ears to certain noises. While reading Signs of Autism, I have learned some other signs include: loss of eye contact (by age 6 months), less-than-normal activity, lack of playfulness, and the feeling the child is slipping away (Acquarone .S, 2007) (p6). Studies have shown there is no one single cause of autism. “Several studies have linked immune system abnormalities to autism (Goines, Paula, Ashwood, Van de Water, 2014) (p12).” This study explains that our bodies make cytokines (which are important in the health and development of the central nervous system), Cytokines’ are made up of two major sub-set termed TH1 and TH2. Some children who were diagnosed with autism had elevated proportions of TH2, compared to children without autism. Some studies believe that vaccination of a person infected with a retrovirus might cause autism (Heckenlively, 2014). Vaccines contain heavy metals, and mercury which when injected stimulated a retrovirus, which stimulated the immune system causing autism (Heckenlively, 2014) (p2...

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...ervice professional when it comes to autism are vase. There are many places that help children who have autism. I believe the needs for help are covered when it comes to autism. I’ve learned that being a human service professional and working with children with autism I have to learn to take the time to understand the child, listen to them, read their facial expressions, and most of all too just be patient. They’re not going to understand things right away and I may have to repeat myself 100 times, but they’re trying the best they can to understand
This volunteer assignment was the best I think I have ever had! It was defiantly an emotional roller coaster for me. I felt tons of different emotions from frighten, calm, scared, sad, loved, and happy all at the same time. This volunteer assignment reassured me why I’m going to school and why I want to do when I graduate.

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