Essay about Autism Explored in What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

Essay about Autism Explored in What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

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Nothing much ever happens in Endora, Iowa. The Grape family is one of several that inhabit this town. Gilbert is the eldest brother of 4 children, of whom all but one, still live at home with their Momma. Arnie is 6 days away from being 18 years old. Doctors told the family that they would be lucky if he could live until the age of 10. The movie begins with Arnie and Gilbert watching the trailers pass by, an annual tradition before Arnie’s birthday. After the trailers have all come and gone, they go into town and head to Gilbert’s work. Shortly after arriving, he is called out for a delivery to Mrs. Carver’s. He leaves Arnie alone in the truck, when he exits the home, Gilbert realizes that Arnie is missing. At that same time, the sheriff goes flying by; it can only mean one thing. Upon driving into the middle of town, it is then that Gilbert sees Arnie. He has once again climbed up the water tower. It is at this time you see the true connection between Gilbert and his brother Arnie. As Arnie continues to climb higher, his brother takes the loud speaker and begins singing to him. He is able to coax him down through song, assuring the sheriff it won’t happen again, he is able to then take him home. Being the main caretaker for his brother, Gilbert is responsible for bathing and getting Arnie ready for bed.
One evening at dinner, momma begins to yell at Arnie for repeating the phrase, “Dads dead!” He begins to plug his ears, yelling the phrase louder, and smacking himself in the head. The next day Arnie attempts to climb the water tower again. This time however, his sister Ellen, attacks him. She pushes him to the ground, kicks him, and pulls his hair trying to force him up off the ground and away from the tower. Gil...

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...he best possible outcomes for their lives. Regardless of whether a child is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, they each have the right to live, learn, and fulfill their dreams. By learning the early warning signs, a child can have a successful future.

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